Adventure. Freedom…

Road-tripping, heading to a job site, studying for a test, watching the game, wrangling kids at practice… whatever you are doing, Hangar 54 Pizza fuels your adventure with fast, fresh pizza so you don’t have to put on the brakes. What’s your next adventure?


With twenty years of foodservice experience, we hang our hat on the quality ingredients that go into our pizzas – giving you that perfect slice experience every time. Give it a try… you will taste the difference.

hands down
best crust

Like the chassis of any solid plane, the frame or crust is what makes a good pizza so good. There is simply no ace that can  compare to the win-win of ultimate taste & easy preparation that is our golden pizza crust.

adventurous goodness

Look, we know you’re busy. We know you expect amazing food on the go. And we deliver. Fuel up for your high flying adventures with Hangar 54 Pizza. Built to help you excel in your daily adventures!