As a boy he didn’t say much. An awkward kid with a funny way of talking, he did everything he could to avoid the rush of nerves that came with talking to people. Outside, away from people, though, he was a different kid… a free kid. There, he didn’t avoid the rush, he chased it. 4-wheelers, go-carts, fast cars, and airplanes: he was an adrenaline junkie with his foot slamming the metal but “always in control.”

Not much has changed. Shawn’s still that same adrenaline-junkie kid with a need for adventure and speed, just a tad older with some epic-moments and a few crash-and-burns under his belt. Now he pilots real airplanes, runs businesses, takes risks, and helps others become successful in work and life. Always pushing. Always learning. He has this thing he says:

When committing to something, always start with I WILL. I’ll TRY isn’t good enough, it’s just a built in excuse for failure.

So when someone said, Hey, Shawn, you should start a pizza company, he didn’t respond with I’ll try. He responded with I will.

And here we are. We hope our pizza fuels your next adventure!